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DoMo Medical Technologies is a Manufacturer’s Represetative firm who’s employees have worked for some of the biggest contract manufacturing companies in the industry (Accellent, Cretex Medical(rms, Meier, etc.), Tegra Medical).  Because of this experience we believe that there is a better way to serve the medical device industry. Low cost solutions and fast innovative prototyping solutions are what we strive for at DoMo.

Melissa Olson

Melissa Olson, Partner: Melissa’s years in the banking industry has led DoMo to make the right investments and right decisions to become a successful company very quickly. Melissa is also a cancer survivor and this experience has created a very driven professional who understands the work life balance better than most.  When Melissa isn't working she likes to run distance races and volunteer for her childrens sporting endeavors.

Cory Hakes

Cory Hakes, Sales Engineer: Cory comes to DoMo with years of experience in Project Management and Machining technologies.  Cory is a customer focused representative who gets results for both the customer and the manufacturerer.  We are happy to welcome Cory to the DoMo Team.  When Cory isn't working he likes to enjoy the outdoors with his family.

Dennis Olson

Dennis Olson, Principal: Dennis has worked in the medical device industry since 1997. Dennis has worked for both the medical device OEM and the Medical Device contract manufacturer. Dennis can understand both sides of the negotiations and is masterful at creating solutions that will help both parties succeed in their endeavors.  When Dennis isn't working on the next big deal, he coaches youth sports (Hockey, Football, and Baseball).

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