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Clinical Application's vs. Manufaturing Capability

Many of the suppliers the medical device community deals with have a very one sided approach to conducting business.  A medical Device Customer sends a DWG, Model, or Print with a request for quote.  The supplier quotes the project to print and the outcome is often not the best situation for either party.  The supplier doesn't have any insight to the project or the actual needs of the customer as they rarely even know the clinical application.  So they quote to print and this lack of interaction creates many missed opportunities for a better outcome. 

Here at DoMo Medical Technologies, we pride ourselves on getting to know the customers project needs and the clinical application, and sometimes even potential improvements wanted from the clinician from the beginning of the partnership.  Understanding the clinical application, the potential hang ups from development to manufacturing, understanding the regulatory process and the requirements needed, all are critical to help each project meet critical timelines and milestones.  We encourage an open dialog from the beginning of every project, which leads to better tolerance applications (better manufacturing); better design collaboration (more robust manufacturing less yeilds); better inspection practices (better lot acceptance); A better partnership (a company you can rely on to have your teams best interest in mind).  All leading to a better experience where your cost targets and project timelines are met as a byproduct of a good partnership.  

DoMo Medical Technologies works with manufacturing companies who share these values and who are committed to growing their companies through investing in a partnership with their customers.  Each Capability having its strength and weakness has allowed DoMo to create a diverse group of companies and capabilities for our customers.  Here is a visual list of the Manufacturing Capabilities we represent (Click on the right).

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